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Another Christmas Over

So my Christmas wasn't very exciting as usual, but it was okay XD
I ended up sleeping until 12pm, made sure to wrap my friends presents then went over to her house for a few hours.
Kinda a shame to admit it was so much more Christmasy feeling over at her house than it was mine, after all the only christmas decorations we have up in our house are in MY bedroom. My dad doesn't bother with it and all he did most of yesterday before I left for my friends house was complain about how depressed he was, lovely huh?

Anyway I got a really awesome and bizarre looking scarf from my friends parents, I also got some little Santa chocolates and a plush bunny that you can heat up in the microwave from my friend (*Don't think I have the heart to put the bunny in the microwave :< We haven't used our microwave in a long long time though, maybe I should give it a clean up.*) Glad my friend liked my presents, I got her so many little bits and bobs this year XD She really liked the Heroes calendar I got her though :D YAY!

I came back home just before 2pm, helped a little with the dinner. Blah blah, we started eating at about 6pm (*We had to have it late cos my mum had to spend time with my grandad*) watched Doctor Who (*Which was awesome XD*) Then afterwards I didn't do much and my dad went back to being depressed again :/

Then today I slept until about.... past 1pm hahaha XD;

I got some money from my mum too, I usually get myself something awesome with Christmas/birthday money, though I don't think there's anything I want, so I'll probably spend it on Pokémon plushies or...something XD

Oh well, another year, another Christmas over with.

Just need to get through the New Year now and then things will go back to normal.
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