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Sleepy Togepi is Sleepy

Well, I went to work as a Pokémon Trainer just like I planned! The poor Drifloon I had pinned to the shoulder of my jacket kept falling over. One of my customers called him a "Drunk bird" hahaha!
I sat a Pikachu on my till, but unfortuntly I didn't get many people shopping with their kids, so he didn't get as much attention as I thought he would. One customer with about 3 girls gave me the best reaction, the three girls were all over him XD
I had a couple of adults reconize him and one ask what my costume was XD

Wooow, I feel tired. My bed felt so comfy this morning I didn't want to get up and ended up sleeping until 12pm D| At least there's only Christmas Eve to work, which is only a 4 hour shift, then I'm off until Sunday! \o/ HAPPY DAYS!

But yeah, I think I'm gonna go to sleep now Z.Z
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