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Only Two More Days to Work

Well, at least work was better today.
Although it was busy, so very busy.

We're having a costume day tomorrow. At first I thought we had to go as something Christmasy, but turns out we can go as anything.
So, with a lack of a costume, I'm going as a Pokémon trainer.
Unfortuntly this translates to "Wear whatever the hell I want" :D It's unfortunte I don't have a Dawn or Ash hat or a May bandana.
BUT I'm wearing one of my Togepi print shirts, plus I'm pinning a Drifloon to the shoulder of my jacket, taking my keychain Pokéballs and also bringing a Pikachu to sit on my till, so all the kids can go "OHMYGOD PIKACHU!" Gonna take Spot, since I don't mind if he gets lost or stolen by children, though I hope he doesn't XD I'll decorate him with tinsel too :3;;

Oh god my geek is gonna be showing tomorrow. lolz.
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