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Urrgh, I hate feeling like this, especially at this time of the year. Yesterday was.... just one of those annoying days where lots of little annoying things happened and I was getting pissed off with everything.
I got taken off the checkouts to do some tidying around the shelves, but it was really really busy so that made me feel really uncomfortable because I had people coming at me from all over at all directions. I feel the same when I'm stood in the middle of Meadowhall when it's busy.
I also had to dress the fridges, luckily I eventually was told to do something else >>;
That something else didn't last long as I was told to go back on a checkout, only the one I was told to go on had a spillage right in front of it... fair enough, I'm told to go get a mop and a bucket.

I finally find a mop and a bucket, bucket is filthy, access to the sink is restricted, have to go under wires to actually get to it (*As they had some huge cleaning machine on charge or something?? I could feel the wires buzzing with electricity... but I had to go under there to get to the damn sink!!
Finally manage to fill the bucket up when one of my colleges from the checkouts comes to me and realizes it's for her till, so she takes the bucket. Fair enough.

So we start cleaning the mess in front of her checkout and then the guy on the wines aisle keeps bugging us to clean the spillage on his aisle too. We know about it, no need to keep coming over to us! And the college who took the bucket from me all she was doing was sweeping the glass that was left under the checkout that technically was mine for the day.
In the end I had to clean up that glass, I don't think had any intention of doing it. Maybe it was "out of the way" but kids like diving under that part of the checkout, because it's like a little hiding place. So I wasn't gonna go on it until that was cleaned up.
I couldn't find a dustpan, only a brush, so I ended up having to pick the glass up with two or three plastic bags over my hand ¬¬;; And ya know they just left me to it, no help to find me a dustpan or anything really.

Got that done eventually, had to go back on the checkouts, was taken off for a break FINALLY THANK GOD.

After that everything wasn't too bad until it got to 4pm, which is when my shift finished.
They made sure to take all those finishing at 4 off... except me.
So I kept ringing them and ringing them and ringing them, must of been god knows how many times and I finally get someone to come to my till... at pretty much around 4:15pm. Ya see, normally I would of just said to any customers that came to my till after 4pm, that I am closing, whether or not I have a closing sign, but recently we were told we aren't ALLOWED to do that. So I was basically stuck there until I got the supervisors attention, which took me FIFTEEN MINUTES -_-;
I'm quite sure with how frustrated I got I probably went blotchy red, so that didn't help. That happens a lot to me. When I'm embarrassed or really really angry, I turn a really bright shade of red and it's blotchy >o< So they could probably tell I wasn't happy. I think I made my customers feel like crap too, despite reassuring them that it isn't their fault I was off late, it was the supervisors ;o;

After that I told them I had been due to leave at 4pm but... I dunno, I got an apology and stuff but eh... they seemed distracted >>;
Thing was there were a TON of supervisors in yesterday, more than usual. So why'd it take 15 minutes to finally get someone to come to me? -_-;
I dunno, I just felt kinda ignored and forgotten... it's not the first time they've forgotten me, won't be the last. I'm just glad the supervisor that actually doesn't forget about me is on these next two days.

I think I was just more angry over this than usual cos I'm just being sorta PMS-y right now too, and it makes me get annoyed over stupid things but...eh.

Don't wanna go into work today -___-; I feel tired and like crap and I just don't feel happy.

And I was kinda hoping this year would be a better Christmas, but nope. Still doesn't feel like Christmas at all, just like the last two years.

Sorry for the long rant just...blaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaah.

But on the up side? I just got miss_fuu_chan's Buneary in the mail!!
She even gave me free cards! ;o; That's so awesome!


Buneary has at least made me feel happier, because she's so cute ;o;

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