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More Ramblings from Me! (*Comes with free LJ Icons*)

Just posting some LJ Icons:

w00t! Radiocativeness!

And this one is for Nicole, a pissy looking Cursed Sasuke X3

More to come soon cos I'm bored *lol*

As for things to say, looks like the weather may very well be unsettled all week, but where the rain that they forcast for tonight is I don't know XD But still we can't go anywhere tomorrow cos I'm at the Charity Shop and can't go anywhere Wednesday cos I've got a hair apointment in the afternoon XD We'll end up not going anywhere I bet ya! Which is a shame cos I really wanna be able to take some photos with my Digital Camera out of Worksop X_x; Main things I wanna take photos of is the beach and maybe this way cool fire tornado ting they have at this place called "Magna" I went a few years ago with my friend Helen and her family and I just LOVED that fire tornado... not sure if I'm allowed to take flash photography in there but I think I am, I remember some guy asking us not to take flash photography for the show which kinda suggests we can take it in other places.
My dad is going to the Dentist Thursday so that might rule that day out if he feels crap afterwards....
...so all that's left is Friday and Saturday...
....crap -_-;;

Looks like I may very well be heading for a whole week being stuck in this house.... again....
...I hate that -_-;; *falls over* Well I do have a lot of other stuff to be getting along with....just can't be bothered to do it all right now....I'd rather just do something that gets me out of the house....and out of Worksop damnit X_x;
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