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Shaymin Movie!!

Heeee, while trying to see if I could find a torrent for today's new Pokémon episode (*Raw episode torrents are really hard to find now*) I actually managed to find a torrent for the 11th movie! I was kinda worried that I wouldn't find one, thus breaking my yearly Christmas tradition of watching the raw of the new movie on Christmas Eve, which I've done ever since the Lucario movie came out.
Shouldn't take me too long to get the movie, the hardest part is gonna be waiting until Christmas Eve to watch it XD

As for today's new episode, I have actually seen it, thanks to an awesome person who linked me to a recording of the stream :D I just want the HQ ep so I can make tons of cute icons ;o;
But yes~~ It was such an awesome episode! There was a lil' Roark flashback, and Byron fanboying over holes in the floor, and AN ACTUAL BACKSTORY FOR ROARK AND BYRON. I love father and son stuffs ;o;
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