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All my updates have been about Pokémon recently... XD


Got Shaymin! Isn't she a little cutie? XD
I bought a DX Buneary from miss_fuu_chan, on an off chance last night. DX plushies are really expensive on Ebay (Though everything is expensive on Ebay XD) and I've been wanting a Buneary one. $21 (Including the shipping) was a really good price, so I jumped at it XD
Plus it was really REALLY adorable X3;;
That's it for this year though! XD;

Aaaanyway, back to work tomorrow! Currently we're having themed days at work up until Christmas Eve, and tomorrow is singing Christmas carols XD And on Friday it's a non-uniform day, but they won't let us wear jeans or trainers ;o; Rawr!! I might wear my pink trousers and purple shirt, it looks cute! But I'll have to wear by black work shoes, because I have no other shoes other than them and my trainers!! ;o; I think I am also there for a "wear something red" day, also on the 23rd we're doing Christmas fancy dress, but I have nothing to go as :|

Gonna watch Yu-Gi-Oh! 5D's episode 38 soon :D
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