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I found this link in a post at Bulbagarden. These probably only give a small range of Maddie's wonderful talent (*And she sings two of them as Meowth as well ;o;*)
I still feel really sad over all this ;o;

Anyway, in other news I survived my trip to Meadowhall. Toys R Us have like...NO Pokémon stuff other than the cards now :< I bought some presents and stuff, and Tony filmed the Christmas lights in meadowhall~
Dad's present arrived in the mail today. Also it seems a parcel arrived to me today, which is most likely Shaymin. Apparnetly my post office is open until 7:30pm, so I can go and collect it today (*Says after 3pm on my ticket*) but I need my dad to drive me down, not sure if he'll take me or not, but I'll ask.
IF he gets home in time. Usually he's home by about 5pm, but sometimes he's late home.

If not I can go get it after work tomorrow.
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