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Fweee~ I just bought a Shaymin (Landmin) plush off Ebaaay. I jumped at it because: 1. It's pretty much one of the few Landmin plushes I actually like and have been wanting for a long while and 2. the seller had taken 10% off it's price.
It's the same/similar to this one I believe :D http://farm4.static.flickr.com/3258/2406832570_70b3aee809.jpg

So that's two parcels coming from Japan now XD

In other thoughts, I should probably make a resolution in the new year to work more overtime at work XD; Collecting Pokémons is a very expensive hobby and with the world of getting more Pokémon in my collection opening up to me a lot more over this past year I think I'll need it haha XD
Least I should get quite a bit for working over Christmas + The New Year.

I really do hope my dad actually gets the spare room decorated by at least around the beginning of next year, because I need to make it into a collection room ;o;
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