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Need to Stop the Lazy

I need to stop being so lazy ;o; Muu, I need to clean my room as I want to put up Christmas decorations in there next week but I'm just not getting round to doing anything.

I really really REALLY hope my dad actually keeps his promise this time of at least starting on the spare room so I can move my Pokémon stuff in there when it's finished. It'll give me more room here in my room!! ;o;

Aaaanyway, not really been doing much recently. RP Stuffs, sleeping, work, sleeping, buying cute Eevee evo Pokédolls, did I mention sleeping?
I'm actually surprised that I'm not working THAT much over Christmas. Have some extra shifts and stuff Christmas week but thaaat's about it. I'll probably get some more extras over the new year though, since I'm boring and don't go out :D;
Oh, they changed my shift on the Friday the Charity shops Christmas dinner outing is on, so I can attend now, only thing is, it's probably too late to now :< Oh well.

I've got tomorrow off work, so I'll have to try and give the cleaning of my bedroom a try then.

Very excited about what this new Pokémon, that's gonna be in the 12th movie, is gonna be! I imagine if it's small, electric and yellow, it might be the 5th generations "Pikachu", like Pichu, Plusle and Minun and Pachirisu before it? Who knows!
Roll on the 13th and more movie info!!

Anyway, until my next update of boring, have some cute Shinx's playing around!


(I drew this in early November and have yet to do anything with it ;-;)
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