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Went into town today, mostly to draw out some money for tomorrow, but I decided since I was going, I might as well pick up a copy of the new Pokémon Ranger game from Woolworths, since I have a gift voucher for that store that expires next year.
Only... where in the HELL do they keep their new release DS games? Do they even have a section for them?
Don't think our Woolworths do. The DS games bit was a "Cheap chart" and the proper chart and I saw no place for new release DS games.
Well that kinda sucked D| Came home with no game, so I'll hopefully find a Woolworths in Leeds tomorrow that actually HAS the game. If not I'll have to get it from elsewhere.

Also while walking into town, I passed these two annoying looking good for nothing lads and they decided that while I was passing them that was a good time to spit on the floor ¬¬; I spent the rest of my journey into town making sure they didn't spit on ME, which I don't think they did, but it's freakin' typical they decided to do that right while I was passing right by them! Both were smoking like chimneys too DX

Talking of smoking. I really need to find a miracle way to not have the need to BREATHE while walking to, from and around town. GWAH SO MANY PEOPLE SMOKING ON THE STREET! >o< It annoys me.

Hopefully tomorrow will be a lot better, I think I need the happy. I've been kinda blah feeling lately D|

I notice they haven't got the Christmas tree up in the Matalan car park yet. Don't they usually get that up at least a few days before the light switch on? Isn't the light switch on tomorrow? Weird. Glad I'm doing something much more better than standing in a crowded car park in the freezing cold this year XD

Now just gotta print off the Leeds map and my contest entry~ /o/
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