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Hey is LJ being as much of a bitch to all of you as it is to me? Stupid thing won't load pages at all sometimes.....annoying *sighs* At least DA is back up again after having almost a whole day of being under Mantinance -_-;;

Man, I feel so off today, stupid headache, I guess trying to explain the wonders of mIRC to the people on pokémopolis who were intrested didn't help...confusing stuff that XD Then I lost a download I was getting in the process....oh well...

Meh I've got housework to do aswell and the hamster to clean out...I think I might leave my review on the Yugioh comminuty until tomorrow unless I feel better later on.

Talking of communites I decided to join two new ones, a Naruto one and an FMA one...I haven't posted many comments yet, I don't think I've posted at all in the Naruto one.
Kinda funny that I haven't joined a Pokémon one yet XD
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