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Enjoying Christmas with Pokémon

You know, this year I'm determined to enjoy Christmas. I've spent the last two years being very "meh" feeling about it and I'm not sure why, but this year I'm going to put my tree up in my room and decorate it with Pokémon again! I just bought a Christmas themed Buneary off Ebay for the tree and I may get the Christmas themed Riolu next week if they still have it :3 Also tempted by the other Christmas Skymin you can get, which holds a little bag which says "Merry Christmas" on it XD I just... really love Skymin for some odd reason.
I guess he really fits for christmas, because he kinda looks like a reindeer, plus the whole white/red/green colour theme XD

It's too bad that I don't seem to have pictures of the last time I did a Pokémon themed tree, I was sure I took some, but guess not @_@

Still need to finish cleaning my room!!

You know... this talk of Pokémon and Christmas has given me a really good idea for that art contest entry for the ReCon!
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