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Today I went shopping and ... HEY POKÉMON

Today I went shopping and found out a girl who works where I do and talk to quite regularly, likes Pokémon! She recognized the Torchic keychain on my bag XD Then we stood around for a while talking about the show and plushies and stuff. It was awesome XD
I told her the next time I'm able to catch her, I'll show her pictures of my stuff XD So I'll print them off at some point~

I also ended up spending a lot on the shopping :< Oopss. We've got a lot of new awesome things in that I wanted to try though, that's the great thing about this time of the year 8D

Updated my art site earlier too, since it needed it. I'm hoping to work on some new pictures and such and hopefully get back into the groove of that cos I really miss doing fanart and stuff. I need to make a little Pokémon piece for the Leeds ReCon art competition in a few weeks anyway.

Now I must eat! I've barely eaten all day D:
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