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Hell yeah! Amazon finally got some sellers selling the newest Pokémon Stormfront packs! I've been waiting for this because I wanna get the shiny Drifloooooon card X3 Floooon~
Talking of cards, I really should update the card art archive, I've been working on it on and off :<

I've also ordered the 2nd GX manga book, but looks like that might take a while to be sent off.

Also need to get the soundtrack to series 4 of Doctor Who, cos the music for Doctor Who is always made of pure awesome.

Christmas Skymin is also on it's way from Japan! I'm really looking forward to getting that!

I buy too much crap XD But it's crap that makes me happy~

Also need to start cleaning my bedroom at some point!! I was up too late RP-ing last night and slept waaaay into the afternoon. So tomorrow I need to go into town, get some stuff and then clean clean clean!!
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