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hgdhsgdshf I had to get him when I found him on Amazon.co.uk a few days ago, I've been wanting a decent Shinx plush (*I'm not too keen on the Jakks one*) and they only had one left of him!! Such a cute little Pokédoll X3 I love him.

Well so much for promising myself to not buy anymore plushies until the end of this month lol. I ordered a Christmas Skymin from Sunyshore tooooo~ XD;

Oh well XD

Hm, I really really REALLY need to clean my bedroom ;o; I have four days off in a row next week Tuesday - Friday so that's my job for then. I'm thinking of getting rid of the old wooden chair I have in here and maybe putting the beanbag I bought AGES ago where it usually stands. I bought it for the spare room but... :<
I think first I need to go through the draws on my desk there and free up some space on the little bit that pulls out from it, then I can fit more Pokémon stuff one it 8D Heheh.

I actually managed to get a locker at work yesterday... just.
Apparently once we get the new lockers we'll actually be able to buy one for £5 and then that will always be my locker, so I'm totally gonna see about that.
And I'll be tempted to bring in a little drawn picture of a Pokémon corresponding with whatever number locker I get and stick it on with tape on the inside of the locker door :D;

Seems like they're doing some special events over Christmas too. Like costumed days and face-painting ect. Apparently woolly hat day and Christmas fancy dress day are both on Tuesdays, which is the day I never work there. Awww D: I'll be working on the non-uniform day though.

Ah well, that's enough rambling for today!!
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