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Rain, rain, go away....

Damn it's all gloomy and raining today, hope it's not like this tomorrow cos I have to walk to work -_-;; And last night was awful, it was all windy and the wind kept blowing through something on the outside of the house making scary noises >_< And for some odd reason it was freaking me out, I dunno what it was but I just felt really scared O_o; Weather like that usually doesn't bother me too much but I ended up sleeping with the light on until about 4 or 5 this morning when it got lighter...
... I dunno I just got one of those crazy "There's soemthing else in the room" feeling even though nothing was there, didn't help when my hamster kept staring at me as if she could see something I couldn't....but she ALWAYS stares at me XD She's strange.
Usually i only get that feeling when I've read real life ghost stories or something but I hadn't yesterday....oh well no biggie I just feel tired now XD And I managed to get one of my requests all sketched out and it turned out pretty decent looking too, for something I wouldn't usually draw anyway.
I got quite a bit of the first part of my anime crossover fic kinda planned out while listening to BGM on my MP3 player that would fit the scenes, some parts I'm not all too happy with and I think so far it's confusing but most of the questions you'd ask I'm hoping to cover in flashbacks *lol*
(*For the people who know this is the fic where I asked who would be the best Yu-Gi-Oh character to kill off so I could mess with Yugi's head*) so yeah I killed off Joey XD Sorry Joey fans, I didn't want to but that would of created the best effect of screwing Yugi's head up seriously, more than Kaiba dying would anyway *lol* So I spent most of last night making notes on Joey's super emotinal dying scene, then Yugi gets a lot like he did in the episode after Yami nearly risked pushing Kaiba off that castle, excpet he's much more emotional XD Fun, fun! Not sure which direction to take the story in after that, I seriously need a good storyline, I know it'll involve them looking for Al and Yugi's other friends but I need a bigger storyline behind that, I was thinking of having some er...."great evil" (*Has no name or character for it yet*) that decides it wants to play a "Game" with Ed and Yugi so this thing is behind most of what happens to them. *shrugs* I need to think some more on it XD

Damn I'm hunrgy... *walks off to get something to eat*
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