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[Enter Complaining About Work Here]

So lately at work, I've gotten there and I've been struggling to find a locker to put my bag into. Yesterday, there were no free lockers at all and I ended up having to leave my bag in the Personnel room.
It makes me quite reluctant to bring it today actually, because I'm working until we close damnit! But thing is I need to bring my bag so I can get something to eat on my break D| I'd MAKE a sandwich but I have nothing to make it with ;o; So I guess I'll HAVE to bring my bag and try my luck.

Thing is, a month or so ago this wasn't a problem at all! They'd always be plenty of lockers! And with one of my colleagues telling me she was struggling to find one at 7am that morning, I honestly think a sudden large amount of people have started keeping the lockers for themselves and taking the keys! But I tried mentioning it to the manager yesterday before I left and he was all "It's because the company who supplied them to us didn't think they'd be more of us now, so we're trying to get some more"

.... D| The lockers cannot be full at 7am in the morning! That's an HOUR before the store even opens!
Chances are they'll end up getting more in a couple of months or something stupid like that ¬¬;

Urgh, I swear that place gets worse and worse sometimes >>;

Though I did get a glowy happy report on my "How well am I doing" talky thing with the supervisor yesterday, she seems to think I've made loads of progress recently Oo;
Er... well if you think so!

Also... my 5D's Sound Duel 1 CD is in shipping process! I so can't wait to get that X3
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