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Happy Halloween everyone!

Urgh, I've been cleaning up my room a bit... well, mostly where my Pokémon collection is and now I can't stop coughing hgsahfdghs hate dust so much. Been having fun re-arranging the plushies though :D
My Riolu plush came today too X3 He's so tiny and cuuute~ Gonna try and avoid buying anymore plushes off eBay until the end of November or so now. I think I might set my concentration on getting the six starters I don't have in plushie form; Bulbasaur/Squirtle/Charmander/Chikorita/Cynderquil/Totodile ... I do have an Ivysaur beanie buut XD

Anyway, not doing anything special tonight, other than RP stuffs and answering the door to any possible trick or treaters we get... though we haven't had any in the last 3 or 4 years :<
It's dark now so I should at least set the chocolate on the stairs ready to give any out that do come around.
If not then... well... I bought Quality Street chocolates to give out so...yum :3
I've already been snacking on them, heheh.
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