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More eBay Fun!

So I just bought a Riolu plush off eBay from a US seller! They seemed very highly professional and have a TON of US and Japanese plushies, very up to date plushies too, they have a Halloween Pikachuuuu ;o; But I really need to not buy so many plushies XD; I got a Combee recently too.
I really wanted a Riolu plush for my collection so I decided to give this seller a try and get a plush in the meantime. It's the JAKKS Riolu I believe :3 Hee~

I think once I clean my room up, I'm gonna take some photos of my collection to show on the Pokémon collector's community I recently joined here :3 Gosh I see so many people collecting specific Pokémon and I like... don't do that. My collection is so random XD I think it's cos I love so many Pokémon it's hard to choose just one or two to concentrate on... but I guess that's good, it's not like I have to route around for every piece of merchandise I can find of a certain Pokémon.

I really need that spare room decorating, even if we don't move my computer in there, it might be nice to have the shelf space and use it as a collection room for my Pokémons 8D It's looking a bit crowded on the desk they're all on at the moment.
I keep saying I'll decorate it myself... but that's always when MY room needs cleaning too and that comes first, the dust in here keeps irritating my throat and makes me wake up sneezing every morning.

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