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Shiny Stuffs

Heee, just tomorrow and Friday to work, then a week off! I can't wait!

Seems I couldn't really generate any interest with the whole possibility of breeding shinies when they're bred from Foreign Pokémon, I did come across some Japanese blogs that mentioned it and seemed to try it out. From using online translators it seems one person tried breeding native (Japanese) Lapras with foreign Lapras and hatched 1300 eggs in total with no actual result :/
Hm, I have no idea... but I think when I breed, from now on I will always use at least one foreign Pokémon, maybe one day I'll get lucky!
I kinda need to fill my ranch up to get Mew anyway 8D So I think I'll probably take all my shinies out of there eventually? I have no idea XD I'm just trying to train each one up to LV 100 right now, which time consuming but rewarding at the end!

Currently I'm training Rahne, my shiny Beautifly. He's currently at LV 88 and he can take on E4's Bertha all by himself 8D His defense isn't all that good so I'm not really able to train him against the trainer I usually do training against to get to LV 100, so I'm just repeating the E4 over and over again, he gains about 3-4 levels through each run. Plus I read your rival ups the levels of his Pokémon once you've gone through the E4 about 20 times. It's just too bad you can only challenge him once at the weekend D:
Though I am wondering if other trainers in the game might up their Pokémon levels too.

I decided I'm gonna keep Daisy too, cos I love random encounter shinies~

Other than that, not much going on really XD
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