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An interesting thing I found a while ago

You know... reading Jun'ichi Masuda's blog (*Or at least the English version of it XD*), I came across something interesting a while ago.
While talking of the features of trading over the GTS, he lists some ideas that were incorporated into the game.

C/P from his blog:

"So we considered the following contents.
>some Pokemon's Pokedex descriptions are written in foreign language,
>automatic mail translation,
>the location of the opponent you traded is pointed on the globe,
>country/city name is indicated when you set the cursor on the point,
>rare colored Pokemon's Egg can be found little easier,
>Pokemon traded with different country have better growth
than the one normally traded,
Ideas like above are incorporated in the game."

I guess you can see which part caught my eye the most.

">rare colored Pokemon's Egg can be found little easier,"

Do you think this means there's a slightly higher chance of getting a shiny in a Pokémon egg, if one or both parents are foreign Pokémon?
I've not really seen anyone else mention this, but that's what it seems to be suggesting. And since they've given us a way of obtaining wild shiny Pokémon slightly easier... I wouldn't put it past them to do the same for breeding too.
Just a curious thing I've been wondering for a while now XD
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