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Random Encounter Shiny Budew!

Okay, this is really odd.
I just ran into a random shiny encounter Budew in my Pearl game and you all remember the random encounter shiny Geodude I got some months ago.
And both times?
I had a full party/almost full party of shinies on me at the time Oo; Probably a huge coincidence, but it's very very odd indeed. The only non-shiny I have on me right now is my Swellow, the other five are shiny (*All six have different original trainers too XD*). I think I had a full party of shinies when I encountered Isabel the Geodude because I remember at the time I was spreading Pokérus to them

Either way, she was a nice surprise! I ran into her in the really small patch of grass on Route 204 just before you get into Floraoma Town, beside where the two twins with the Pachirisu's stand.



Chances are Daisy will probably go into my trade box, since I already have a shiny Budew (*Well, Roselia now*) who was traded to me by a good friend. I'm planning a trade post on shinypoke soon anyway (*Around the end of this month*), my shiny trade box is almost full XD;
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