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RP Meme!

Stolen from viewtiful_jeff who stole it from a_small_star 8D

If you've RP'd with me (Through Duelacademy_r2 or the YGO Dressing Room) then you may be interested in this meme! Basically this meme is about writing letters! One of your characters is free to write a letter to one of my characters, or one of your characters can write a letter to me, or you can write a letter to one of my characters, anything is good! Doesn't matter on the subject or anything, just write away and we can have a good ol' time having our characters and such converse through letters!

List o' Characters:

Yuuki Juudai - i_like_red
Marufuji Shou - vehicroid_shou
Chronos de Medici - azzurro_chronos
Tome-san - tome_san
Pharaoh (The Cat) - pharaoh_nya
Hibiki Midori - hibiki_midori
Yubel - das_yubel
Ruka (5D's) - voicesofspirits
Kawasaki Sayuri - sketchthepast
Kawasaki Tomoko - sketchthefuture
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