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Norton you kinda suck

Gwah, Norton Internet Security you kinda SUCK.

A little while before my subscription expired, I signed up for automatic renewal... only my subscription was never renewed and no charge was ever made... it also won't let me manually update it without cancelling the auto-renewal but I need an order number for that apparently, but there is no order number because there is no order.

I'm not sure which account I have with Norton signed up for these renewals either... I have two accounts for the same product...some how... one I used to do the manual renewal last time but has no other product information, yet the other has the product information but no payment details... @_@

Eh whatever, I haven't been charged for anything and I doubt I will since it just kept saying "Oh hay it needs renewing!" for the last month, so...I uninstalled it... mostly cos I'm trying this free one that was recommended to me named "Avast!" and it wouldn't work right with Norton still installed. It seems to scan every page and chat thing I'm in so that's cool, I'll see how it works out.
I have spybot too so hopefully everything is gonna be okay.
Just ARGH frustrating!
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