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Just stuff and more stuff XD

Man my Hay fever's playing up again, earlier it was affecting my throat and now it's affecting my eyes -_-;; Ah well never mind it's all part of life.

Today I gave the address of my deviant art account to an offline person for the first time ever, I offered it to the temporary manageress at the Charity Shop I volenteer in ^^ Talking of DA it's being a real pain recently, going slow and going to "Page cannot be displayed" messages when I try and post comments....makes me want to just create my own site for my art all that much more...
...all though I'm still not sure on it but when I saw thiro's sneak peek of his site and how it looked so neatly set out just reminded me how much I always wanted to make a site just for my art....I'd use PDU's space but that's really reserved for information and other people's art.

First things first though I need to make a new colour scheme and stuff for PDU, the purple layout is getting old and I want to do reds and yellows for summer ^^
I need to update today with the LJ Icons I've made recently...
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