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So... we have no heating again.

This afternoon I walked into the kitchen and instantly smelled gas. Oh odd, it seemed to go away after I'd been in there a while, but nevertheless, I kept checking and checking and checking for what had to of been 10 minutes and each time I smelled gas in there.
My dad was on the phone to someone he works with during this time and was taking an awfully long time to finish the conversation so I had to tell him there and then what I could smell.
After he FINALLY got off the phone, he went into the kitchen and sure enough I wasn't imagining it, he could smell it too.
He checked and fiddled and dawdled around before finally switching the gas off and we decided to leave it there, go shopping and see what we could smell when we came back.
We came back and there was no gas smell. Dad lit the heating again and whoooo gas smell again.

So we have a gas leak...wonderful.

The annoying thing is... my dad was acting like he would of been happier if I had never noticed the smell and had never told him, rather than saying it was good that I noticed it or y'know SOME SORT of gratitude or even relief that our house was prevented from y'know... blowing up.

Blah .__.

EDIT: it appears my dad has fixed the gas leak. Seems a cable thing got loose somewhere and it was leaking gas out from it. My dad has tightened it and it appears to be leaking no more.
Though he did break something ELSE in there while trying to fix that. Luckily it's nothing major, just makes things a bit more inconvenient if the little flame in our heating system goes out :|
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