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That's my Personal Space you're invading, thankyou! >:|

orz, so work today was fine until I got some creepy old man to my checkout about two hours into my shift. He was the annoying type that was just completely nfull of himself and thought he was funny >>; Gwah, the first thing he did was hold out his hand to me (*After saying how lucky I was to have him come to my till, typical unfunny joke*) so I assumed he was holding his hand out as a gesture for me to shake his hand in greeting, you'd thing so right? That would of been fine, only he wasn't holding it out to SHAKE my hand, cos after I took his hand to shake it, he tried to kiss the back of my hand.
My mind was instantly "HELL NO!" so I snatched my hand from his before he could do anything and he was all "What's up with you?"
Er well, nothing, except you were... you know... invading my personal space and being creepy >>; Sorry old guy, but that kinda stuff just makes me instantly think creepy, it's no as flattering as you probably thought it was.
Then he spent the rest of the transaction saying how much he loved me >>; Again this was a joke, he didn't mean it (Hopefully) he could just tell it was getting to me so carried on. Then he proceeded to hassle the woman customer unloading her shopping behind them and was being creepy to her too ><

Don't come to my till ever again creepy old man kthanxbai.

At least I'm not back there until Friday now \o/ But I do have the charity shop tomorrow. I need to start working on getting there on time XD;

Gonna spend my free time doing crap all but playing Pokémon, drawing and RP-ing~ I want to test out this SAI paint tool program more. I have some sketches of the characters from the Diamond/Pearl/Platinum games all sketched out, so hopefully I'll work on that.

I really can't wait until the end of October so I can get my 5D's Sound Duel~~ X3 Also should be getting the two newest Pokémon box sets over this next month. Currently waiting on the Diamond & Pearl one, then I'll order the 2nd Battle Frontier one.

...Dad REALLY needs to get round to calling someone else to fix our heating since he got so annoyed with the other guy cos he never called back. It's getting kinda COLD.
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