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Urgh, these past few days I've been feeling really super tired, with a really muzzy head. Been feeling rather stuffed up too, wouldn't be surprised if I was coming down with something 8U There's been colds and flu going arooound. Least I'm not at work tomorrow so I can sleep all day if I want 8D

I tried out that Wi-fi part of the battle tower yesterday. It's cool how you can download others teams and battle against them. Unfortuntly the biggest streak I got was defeating 3 out of 7 trainers XD Also one of the trainers had a shiny Steelix!!

Just doing some training with my shiny Tyranitar~ He's currently at LV 80 so not long to go until LV 100 :3 Heee~

Oh! I also managed to finish the Darkrai movie caps!! Will upload those with the season 6 caps eventually 8D
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