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Lookie! A Pretty Sunset Photo X3

I took that about two hours or so ago, it's unfortunate I wasn't able to capture it when the clouds were REALLY red but by the time I got home from the shops it had pretty much gone and what is shown in the photo was left, shame but what I caught was pretty enough ^^

Nothing much else going on today, I drew a random Kouichi piccie for Nicole's birthday which ended up very purple in deed and Kouichi ended up wearing a long trenchcoat which looked so much like an Akatsuki cloak I decided to do the design of those funny clouds all over it (*But I coloured them purple instead of red*)It was fun to do.

I've also been downloading the Aniplex Naruto Nippon radio shows and reading the translations to them, there's something very satisfying about Gaaras VA attempting the Sexy no jutsu X3 He made it sound so perverted! Plus I just LOVE the Henge (*Transform*) game they play, I've only head it with Gaara but it's damn hillarious, Gaara's VA had to transform into a cow who's gonna have it's udder's squeezed or something....
....he made that sound a little dirty too XD
I'm getting the ones with Kakashi's VA at the moment....apparently he's very weird LOL

My favoruite is still the last few seconds of the one with Temari's VA (*Paku Romi*) where she has Temari transform into Edward Elric (*From FullMetal Alchemist of course since she voices both of them*) and declares:

"Come on, Uzumaki Naruto! I'll show you what it means to be in a different league!"

The crossover lover in me just died when I heard/read that XD
After that I couldn't help pictureing Naruto vs. Ed scenes and wondering who would win between them...
Ninjutsu VS Alchemy...
Worse than the time I wondered who would win a ninja battle between Yugi and Bakura...
The poll I made on my message board suggested Yugi and Yami would win *lol* :p

Oh well maybe I'll go listen to the Naruto Nippon things I've downloaded so far LOL
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