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Well my mum finally go the keys to her new house... she keeps using the phone for this and that what with trying to sort out things for the house AND the fact that the Northen General Hospital in Sheffield keeps ringing up to get some info off my mum for my grandad -_-;; Makes me feel awful when someone leaves a message on the phone while I've been on the net and it's important...
...roll on getting broadband... -_-;;

So HOPEFULLY my brother will be out of this house by February and then I can comence the "Turn my brother's old room purple" plan in the two weeks I have off work in that month *grins*

Lycos are still being bitches....I hate them....

And I'll hopefully be able to actually USE my iPod in about 1-2 weeks time when I get the lead I need for it... seems like I wasn't the only one who realized they needed it too...
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