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Tokyopop MeGaReCon - Doncaster

The Tokyopop MeGaReCon in Doncaster was AWESOME! :D Met some new people including another Pokémon fan who'd seen my Pokémon collection video on Youtube! We had fun throwing Pokémon impressions at each other. Only two other people (*Other than Tony*) took the photo of my rather last minute cosplay XD

Y'know my nose still hurts, Tony accidentally elbow'd me in the face earlier XD; Ooops, I was behind him and he didn't notice, but now all the top of my nose is sore, though it doesn't look sore... at the moment. I'm expecting a huge bruise to be honest, I'll be lucky if I don't get one, I bruise too easily :p

Oh and also... is the Utena movie SUPPOSED to make any sense at all? That was our anime showing for the day and... yeeeeaaah... most of us were laughing at it because it was... kinda bad. It made no real sense and there was a lot of un-needed nudity and... girl on girl kissing... and the slight hint of incest too @_@ And like... Utena turned into a CAR and just...
...I came out of there feeling like my head was going to implode @_@
I just couldn't take it seriously, I don't think anyone could XD;

Anyway, pictures and video coming sooooooon~
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