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On Cosplay, Chaining and Training

So it looks like I'm doing my Togetic outfit tomorrow~ I managed to find some white trousers at work, the ONLY pair they had AND they're cut offs too, so no hassle with being too long!
It's gonna be awesome!

Oh I found a new chaining guide earlier, it was on the Serebii forums. It was talking about the patterns of the shakes and how certian patterns can break your chains. I've had tons of chains break lately, for seeingly no reason other than another Pokemon being in the farthest away spot, so I tried chaining Hoppip while avoiding these patterns (Which took ages) and I got really high... until I decided to do something stupid and ended up breaking it :< Might try Hoppip again tomorrow after the Mega Recon, only this time possibly on my Pearl game.
I want a shiny Hoppip damnit!

Other than that I've been training up my shiny Bellossom, Rally. Almost got him to LV 90 :D


Made this image to keep track of all the shinies I've trained to 100! I'll add Rally to that soon :3
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