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Togetic Cosplay in Plan

So I managed to get new shoes today! YAY! My old trainers were getting a hole in them :< I've had them for god knows how many years so they've lasted well. My new ones are white with purple on them :3

I also bought some stuff for a very simple cosplay idea, there's only ONE item I couldn't get a hold of:
Seriously, the shops I looked in either didn't have any white trousers, they did but they were too big or small, or weren't the type I wanted at all.
And the only ones that did fit were made out of a fabric which was a little... see-through :< The only other place I have left to try is work, so I'll take a walk down there tomorrow. I could use some more of their cheap t-shirts anyway :D

I also have a few crafty things to make for this outfit which are completely experimental, but guess we'll see how that works.

As for the outfit, it's a TOGETIC I'm trying to do XD Kind of a Gijinka one, all I need is one top with Togetic symbols on it (*Which I kinda already HAVE but the transfers are coming off :<*), white trousers, wings (*Which I'm planning to make out of card and tape white coloured elastic bands to them so they go around each of my arms... yeah experimental as I said XD*) and I may also make a white paper "crown" resembling the spikes on Togetics head... ooor if that looks crap, I'll just wear my Mokona hat.
IF I'm able to get this done for Saturday, it would be awesome, guess we'll see :o!!
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