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Angelic Layer

Man! I just watched 4 episodes of Angelic Layer and it rocks! Pretty intresting for people fighting with dolls (*Though I was amazed I liked Hikaru no Go too, intresting for people playing with stones on a board*) Dude, the fight scenes are awesome X3
Ya know the only reason why I EVER wanted to watch Angelic Layer in the first place is because about two or more years ago I took an online test to determine what was the best anime for me to watch and that was the first result and from that moment on I was really intrested in watching it X3 And now I have! YAY!
Can't wait for the next DVD to come out ^^

Bleh I'm gonna give up trying to get FMA raw for today....stupid thing keeps going too slow and I'm tired -_-;; Plus I need to start work on a picture for somebody tomorrow ^^

Yeah that's about it for me today ^^ Too tired to write anything else XP
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