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More Pokénerd-ism

Oh yes~ You can re-challenge the gym leaders in Platinum and they all have LV 60+ Pokémon X3 That's gonna be really useful for training!!
You can get the Legendary Birds too!! That's awesome!

Looks like I won't be going to the Midlands Expo. Gemma hasn't got back to me and my dad's refusing to drive me to where she lives now anyway, cos he's being grumpy :|
Gah, we apparently have someone coming to look at the heating on Monday D8 I hate having strange people in the house when I'm the only one here ;o;
In fact I hate having strange people in the house when my dad is here too so XD

Recon in Nottingham on Tuesday though! Yush~ Looking forward to that.

Just got today to work then a whole week off work |3 Heee~ Fun! Fun! Watch me waste it on doing nothing at all~ Which I probably will D:

Think I might go and use my last half an hour before work to start training another shiny. I have my Gallade up to LV 100 now so time to train another!
I'm thinking I might train Rosie, my shiny pink Gastrodon, cos I'm really fond of her for some reason~

Oh, need to spread Pokérus to my shiny Sentret too!
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