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About Cons and Stuff

Hehe, seems like the movies are winning in my poll XD I had a feeling either that or season 1 would be the winner~ Just got 6 episodes of Advanced to finish now :D!!

I might be going to the Midlands Expo this Saturday, I need to note Gemma over dA and see what's going on with that. It'll be awesome to get to meet her again! YAY for fellow Poké-nerds~ X3 Other than that, next Tuesday I'm going to the Tokyopop ReCon in Nottingham with Tony, which is gonna be fun!
I've got a week off work next week too. The next week I have off after that is somewhere in October, around Halloween I think.

Gwah, Fuyucon is in Northampton next year D: That's a long way to go. It's a 2-change train journey that takes just under 4 hours. Still waiting to see where Ayacon is taking place next year, guess we'll see. I really want to go to at least one of them, but being the generally unconfidant person I am, I freak out if I have to change trains in places I don't know ect. XD; orz I'm hopeless.

Apparnetly it's gonna cost around £200 to fix our heating :< Ah well, better than freezing @_@ Whaaa I didn't want to get up this morning, it was so cold and the weather has just been so crap and rainy today.
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