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Training to 100

It's so cold ;o;

Anyway, lately I've been training up some of my legit shinies up to LV 100, mostly this is for if and when I get the chance to maybe take part in a convention Pokémon tournament (*The one at Amecon was mostly LV 100 only*) so far I have two of them fully trained up to that level!
Lucky the shiny Luxray, who I made sure was the first I trained to that level as she was my first ever shiny and I have also trained Cocoa, my shiny Staraptor up to LV 100!

Working on Rua, my shiny Gallade now~ He's at LV 77 at the moment!

Also the next time I get a chain up to 40, I'm gonna aim to film a shiny patch :3

Hummm, time to go and get some food~
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