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Huh, haven't updated much recently :< Mostly been working and RP-ing.
Our heating broke recently, riiight when it's started getting cold, rawr, dunno what's gonna happen with that, all I got was my dad complaining that we have no money to replace said heating system (*We could get it FIXED apparently but it's been on it's last legs for a while now*) I dunno, my dad is in charge of that stuff, but I foresee him snagging money off me in the future for it.
Guess it would be better than freezing during the winter though.

Should have a new Pokémon plushie pal coming in the post soon! I was expecting it to come today, but no sign of the postman today D: So it should come tomorrow!
Now I'm not collecting duel boxes anymore, that's probably what I'm going to waste money on 8D Pluuushiiieees~

I aim to make cosplays in this next year! Yes I do! And I'll stick to them this time! (*I hope ;o;*) My aim is a Gijinka Umbreon and Ruka from Yu-Gi-Oh! 5D's.

Does anyone know where I can buy foam from in the UK? What stores sell it ect.? Seems like I may need foam to craft out the Umbreon ears/tail.
Ruka should be sorta easy as long as I can find a pink hoodie with no motifs on it, and a plain long sleeved red T-Shirt... and I think she has light pink shorts too, shouldn't be hard at all.

And watch as I epicly get no-where with either of these XD;
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