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The noisest school fair in the world....

I think the school up the road from me (*Which I attended so so so many years ago*) are trying to get in trouble for noise pollution XD I think they're holding their school fair (*Ah the memories of the school fairs there*) but this one is the most noisest one I've EVER heard XD I remember how we used to pick themes for our fairs (*I remember one year we held like a western theme and another we held one based on different countries*) but this year, I think they're holding a rave theme fair, the music has real base to it *_*

*Thud thud thud thud*

That's all I can hear besides the annoying dude shouting over the microphone...
...I'd go and check it out but my dad an I are off to PC world soon, besides who knows if they even let normal people just walk in like they used to, hell in my early days there we could hang out in the playground there at weekends...
...man the days where school secruity wasn't that much of a big thing was intresting.

I wonder if they still have that hole in the ground we had back then, it had brick seats in the bottom and totally filled up with water when it rained heavy, I used to get into trouble with my parents for getting soaking wet by paddling in it XD I think I used to call it "The soup dish" cos that's what it looked like with the shape of it....a big dish XD Especially with the water in it....that was the soup *LOL*

Gosh I missed my days of being a little kid XD They were fun!
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