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I should really do an update here!
Just not had much to say, nothing too outstanding has happened, oh expect I finally got a DS Lite, but not the red colour I wanted ;o; Major thanks to the woman I work with who tried so hard to get me one though. I settled for getting the Turquoise coloured one, as it was my second choice, I also happened to snag the last one of those, I was lucky because we weren't gonna be getting in anymore of that colour either.
Blah, retail and their stupid rules.

I should be getting the final GX Duel Box at some point, probably early next week.
It's bad that I'm tempted to get the 5D's ones too ;o; Whaaaa.... I may or may not fight the temptation, not sure yet. I might end up liking the dub enough to actually buy the dub DVDs when they come out.
Oh I ordered the Stardust and Red Deamon's (Archfiend's) dragon tins so I'm hoping I get those tomorrow X3 Heeee~ I want to get all the 5 Dragons :<

Talking of 5D's, I took a listen to those songs up for the vote of the dub 5D's opening, can't be bothered to make an account and vote but hey let's talk about them anyway!

Hyperdrive: This one is really nice, I like it, but it seems more like an insert song rather than an opening theme, I can't really picture animation to it very well, but damn, I wouldn't complain if it won. I like it.

Better be Better Than the Rest: It's funky and... cheesy XD It just sounds too cheery for 5D's I think. I... just picture amusing things to it all the time like the characters just dancing around and being goofy.
Except Yuusei.

Oh god it reminds me of Pokémon openings XD Especially how it starts. It's very, up-beat and has the typical 4Kids opening feel. I see a lot of sped up animation for it.
...the voice that says "Welcome to New Domino City"? I just... I want Jaeger to sound like that.
Overall, I do like how upbeat and catchy this is and it has a lot of references to the show in it. Another one I don't mind if it won really.

Need for Speed: Again... it sounds more like an insert song rather than an opening :< And I think it's too soft sounding for the show.

Rev It Up: Not bad but again it's more insert song sounding... possibly could pass for an opening but I like a lot of the others for openings over this one.

Secret of Five: .... eh, It's not really catchy and just doesn't stand out, bit too cheesy too.

We Are The Ones: .......... this is like a blur.... a big long blur, doesn't really sound interesting and I can barely understand the lyrics x-x This is probably the worst one in my opinion.

We Ride to Survive: Oh god I love this one. I think it's probably a bit insert song-ish, but damn I think it's awesome.

Overall, I'll be happy if Hyperdrive, We Ride to Survive or Let's Ride, Let's Go wins :3
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