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Amecon 2008!

So I'm back from Amecon!! And I had a lovely time, I didn't really want to go home and post-con depression has already hit me, blah, but I did have a very fun time!

First of all, Thursday morning, filling the balloon that was to be my Drifloon with helium was a bit of a bust. I bought a bag of purple balloons and asked them to fill one up with helium, to which they replied with "Well we don't do that anymore". I explained I had gone down last week to ask and was told they did, apparently they did... up until that last week, explaining how they've had balloons just burst on them and what they were charging didn't cover the price of the helium. Fair enough, but I wanted just one balloon blowing up. Seems they thought I meant I wanted the whole packet blowing up, but once they heard I only wanted one they were nice enough to blow one up.
Only... they kinda blew it up too much so the balloon wasn't in the round shape I needed and when they were trying to tie it... it popped.
When I told them I needed it to last a train ride and until the next day, they said it wouldn't last that long. Fair enough, I left the shop without a Drifloon and a pack of balloons I didn't really need. Oh well.

So I headed back home, got stuff ready, made sure I had everything and left for the train station to catch the 12:15pm train from Worksop to Sheffield. We were waiting for the train for a while, so Skymin, who was coming with me on the trip, decided to take a look around:
Train ride to Leicester was uneventful really, so that was good. The train from Sheffield to Leicester ended up running about 25 minutes late somehow, but I eventually got there and met the others! We went back to Opal Court and I got all settled in! Turned out Carly had been put just across the hall from us, where I was with Zoe, Emma and Cally. We also had two other rooms that belonged to others we didn't know, but one of our fellow roommates, Rachael, was really really awesome and a real pleasure to talk too and have as a roommate for the weekend. The other roommate was...well... I barely saw him. I saw him about twice during the whole weekend and he let a lot of people just into his room while he wasn't there. I was told by Cally and co that the people he was letting in weren't even part of the convention, they were there to just get drunk and they ALMOST threw a party in our flat ><; Luckily the others caught them and told them not to. They did seem like nice people but to be that inconsiderate of us is damn annoying, plus having all these random people we didn't know just come into our flat, it was like a new person per day almost.

Anyway on the Thursday night we went out for a meal and had loads of fun hanging out and walking around town.
After hanging out in our dining area (*And making up my Drifloon for the next day*) we all went to bed, though we noticed a ton of people outside who we assumed had come back from the pre-con meet. But not too soon after we had gone to bed was when Rachael turned up, so we stayed up talking to her until about 1am which was awesome XD

Photobucket Photobucket

So Friday morning after breakfast and such, Carly and I headed off to the con, it drizzled a bit that morning and poor Drifloon got a bit wet, but at the con everyone loved him and I'm so glad they did :D While we were waiting in line, a girl cosplaying as Hatsune Miku from Volcaloid stole him for hugs 8D He also got a few pictures that day too so hi to everyone who stopped me to get pictures of my Drifloon XD
Anyway the line for the registrations was long, but after a while I was able to go ahead as the H-P badge name line was going faster than the others.
We spent some time up at the Pokémon Tournament on Friday which was interesting! It was cool to see people battle so competitively like that. Drifloon was quite a hit there too XD Congrats to the winner of the tournament! She had a Togekiss on her team X3
We also checked out the dealers room on Friday and I managed to get three Pokémon plushies, I got loads more over the coming days too cos they were only £7.50 each, a lot cheaper than I've seen them on places like ebay and I got a lot of ones I wanted, like DARKRAI :D
Oh and thanks to the Professor Oak cosplayer who gave me a Pokéball plushie that turned into a Pikachu! :D

Oh and Tony! I got your hug from Neko-chan! XD

On Saturday, the first thing we did was check out the Anime dub live workshop, that was neat! We had to make our own dubbing company (*Which our group named Chus-R-Us because of my Pikachu bag XD*) and we had to convince a guy to sell us the rights to an anime to dub XD Then after that they offered people the chance to completely improvise some voice acting over anime scenes, that was hilarious XD
On this day we went to watch some of the AMV showings and I managed to get some awesome photos and meet some cool people while hanging around outside the main building like the Dark Magician Girl cosplayer I talked to while out there (*She was playing around with the Juudai cosplayers Hane Kuriboh plushie while she waited for him and we were both just randomly going "Kurrriii" XD*) I also met a really neat Shaymin Sky Forme Gijinka cosplayer who told me after I took her photo that she didn't know if anyone would recognize who she was. I loved her outfit and she also had the UFO Skymin plushie :D I happened to have my Skymin plushie on me too, so I showed it to her~

Photobucket Photobucket

After that, Carly and I went back to Opal to drop stuff off and went back for the Masquerade, but we got directed up to the balcony of Queen's Hall and my camera was just refusing to take good pictures in there, they were all turning out so daaark ;o; But after the masquerade we hung about a bit and got some photos of some of those in the Masquerade
Carly and I checked out the J-Pop party a while later but it seemed a little...dead XD Not as lively as I have seen it before.
Oh! I also bought a white Mokona hat on Saturday and I love it X3 I wanted a Mokona SOMETHING and I decided on the hat because I'd always wanted a cute hat like that XD I wore it for the rest of the weekend!

Sunday we went to the Dealer's room first and I...got MORE Pokémon plushies XD Then we went outside for the Yugioh meet at 12pm only... I think it kinda flopped XD; We got some good pictures of the Thief King Bakura and Marik cosplayers though and Duke Devlin was there briefly with their new lamented sign warning women (or men!) with or without heart conditions to not look directly at him (*He's very pretty after all!*).

Photobucket Photobucket

After that we went to check out the art room and the bring and buy, then we headed down to the Omake early so we could get good seats for it, since both myself and Carly ended up right at the back last year.
We ate our lunch, met some cool people, we had some sing alongs~ And even did a small Caramelldansen to see how far it would spread in the crowd (Not very far but it was fun!) But we waited and waited and waited and by this time it had gone WAY past the time it was supposed to of started. Then we were all told to move out from the building and we queued up, again it was for a long long time, so Carly and I had a Pokémon battle while we waited. She beat me XD Also while we waited, it kept raining...
...while it was sunny.
....yes. That's some pretty crappy luck there huh? XD
Then eventually after a long wait we got to go back in and... we ended up at the back anyway D|
The acts were cool, I especially liked the Hard Gay one, the one about Shounen Jump syndrome was funny and I liked the Yugioh skit too XD
Thanks to the Omake running late, the closing ceremony was too and again we had to wait but not TOO long fortunately. After this Carly and I went up to the games room and after yet MORE waiting we got to go in and I got to play on Brawl for the first time! I played as Lucario and...I lost XD But I think I did well for my first try! After a while we headed down to the Karaoke so I could find toonmahavailo as I knew she'd be there and we did some quick card trades and stuff before Carly and I went back to Opal Court. After that we just had some crazy fun there taking photos of plushies and doing some drawing~

The only one that isn't mine is Cresselia XD

And then that takes us to today and we had to leeeaaaave ;o; the weekend went so fast!! After doing some clearing up and final checks ect. I hugged and said bye to the others and Carly took me too the train station. Turned out the next train to Sheffield was arriving in 10 minutes, so I hugged and said bye to Carly and went to the platform to catch my train.
It was a pleasant journey and I got to Sheffield just fine. I was expecting a long wait for a train to Worksop, but I got really lucky and there was a train bound for Gainsbourgh Lea Road that was waiting at another platform. I actually wouldn't of known to catch that one because usually the trains to Worksop are called "Lincoln central" but they called it out over the tannoy and I ran down there to ask if it was going to Worksop and it was so I quickly got on~ Once arriving at the train station, I walked home and got there at 12:45pm, not bad. Walk home was tiring though XD

So despite the large amounts of waiting around we had to do for some things (*The Omake was certainly the worst*) it was a good weekend! Though we actually didn't watch any anime this year, mostly because most of it was stuff I'd already seen or heard of before, you know, really popular stuff and the rest I wasn't too bothered about, but we did get to do some cool stuff and do some new things like going to the voice dub workshop. Plus meet some very cool people!

Also... just a note to anyone who gets accommodation at Opal Court at future Amecon's. Yes, it's an exciting weekend, yes you have a lot of fun but... when you come back from the parties and stuff at 2am please be considerate to those of us who chose not to stay up that late ;o; My room was facing the courtyard of Opal Court and about 2-3am almost every morning we got a lot of rowdy people hanging out there, talking and yelling at the top of their heads which kept waking me up. Not just going to their rooms but actually hanging outside there for an hour or two each morning D| Ehhh.

Ame isn't running next year and it seems that they're bringing Ayacon back for next year, so I'm hoping to go to that one and possibly Fuyucon next year too, just need to watch out for the details.

More pictures and bigger versions of the ones in this post can be found here:
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