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Final Plans List

Gwaaaah, it's hard to believe that this time next week I'll be at Amecon~ It's come faster than I thought, but I still have so much to do ;o;

- On phoenixshards suggestion, tomorrow I'm going to go into town and ask at the card shops if they would blow up a balloon for me with their own helium supply if I brought it down to them on Thursday morning. Not sure if they'll say yey or ney, but I don't see why blowing up just one balloon for me would be a problem, but you know what shops are like sometimes. It's really my only choice for getting one balloon blown up with helium as there seems to no shops around Worksop that specifically does things like that. So let's hope the cards shops have nice staff D8
Good thing is, we have about 3 card shops in town 8D Clinton Cards, Card Warehouse and... a smaller shop who's name I can't remember, we USED to have a Birthday's shop too, but I think it was replaced by a phone shop.

- I need to cut out the yellow X for the Drifloon's mouth before I go, so all the features are just ready to stick on Thursday night.
The Drifloon's string/heart shaped feet are already done, I'll steal them from my test 'floon.

- Still need to clean my room, the sooner the better, so Saturday/Sunday that will be done WITHOUT FAIL, DO YOU HEAR ME SELF!? D<

- Now we have a new washer, I can start washing ironing and packing what clothes I want to take. Might have to be a job for Monday-Wednesday while my dad is at work, as he tends to overtake everything when he's home. When I want to wash something? TOO BAD HE NEEDS TO WASH SOMETHING TOO and just general getting in my way all the damn time |<

- Still no news on that Red DS, blaaah.

- Wednesday night or Thursday morning I need to make sure to post this log/story thing I wrote out for my Juudai at duelacademy_r2 which will cover his non-existence for the weekend (*Sunday the 10th just so happens to be his 19th birthday too and he'll be missing it :< He missed his 18th too, mostly due to emo*) I don't have to cover the non-existence for my other characters because they don't post as much as Juudai does lololol.

- Never really did get anything much to wear for the cosplay ball, might not bother with it again this year and hope the Karaoke is held at the same time like last year, I'll hang out there. I know TMV is gonna be there anyway /o/

- Still need to sort through my Yu-Gi-Oh cards to find ones I can trade as TMV has MANGA E-HEROS! ;o;

I think that's mostly it, other than making a checklist of stuff I need ect.

Only today and Sunday left to work \o/ Though yesterday was annoying, first thing they do is put me on the basket till, which, if we had the old ones I wouldn't of complained as much, I don't mind them THAT much on an early Thursday afternoon... but these new basket tills are so claustrophobic. They are TINY, you cannot MOVE, you feel TRAPPED and just URGH, I feel so uncomfortable on them, I try explaining this to the supervisor and all she did at first was say:
"Well we have bigger ladies that go on them" and when I explained they made me feel a tad claustrophobic feeling she was all "I know, but so-n-so needs to go home, we'll see what we can do"
Which translates to: "Go on it and I'll just forget you're there and keep you on it all shift, I have no intention of moving you off it"
LUCKILY one of the younger supervisors asked me to go on a regular till after about an hour, to which I gave him a big "THANK YOU".
Those tills are apparently being replaced for self service ones this weekend anyway.
Though self-service tills are highly annoying too |<

Oh neat! The Shaymin OST and Digimon Savers CD have shipped off, should get them just before Amecon /o/

EDIT: Added to my must do list, must buy batteries for my digital camera, must make sure I have both my memory cards for it.
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