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Well that was....weird...

Man! I have just been through the most WEIRDEST ending to a work shift EVER!

Through most of this shift I was PMSing really bad over not finishing something Marie wanted me to do >_< and she was all like "If you don't finish it write the reason down in the book" I REALLY didn't want to have to do that cos the matter of fact is I don't really HAVE a reason besides the fact that I'm slow doing it cos me VS Heavy Boxes on high selving isn't a good thing -_-;; I can get them down but it takes me a while to do so...
....so anyway I was worrying over that right up until I was just finishing, I was already finishing late as it was but as I was just about to put some boxes back in ther lock up (*Where we keep all the wines and such*) when Chris (*One of like the stock managers or soemthing *lol*) came up to me and another lad and told us that they needed us off the shop floor, although he eventually told the lad he was okay to go back to what he was doing since he was working in the warehouse not the shop.

So I go into the cafeteria where all the other late night workers are and I'm just all like "WTF is going on?" didn't help when they started talking about these men in the shop had to "Shoot something" at first i thought they were joking but they kept on saying it and something about a bird and I was like "There's a bird in the shop?" I didn't have a clue XD But to shoot the poor thing ;_; That's just darn right cruel...
I eventually had to go up to the manager to tell him my dad would be waiting outside so he said he'd walk me and another woman through the shop XD Seriously it was like we were going out into a terribly quiet warzone hoping not to get shot! XD But as we appraoched the checkouts we saw the two guys and they told us the bird was "gone" whether they shot it or just it just left who knows...

Although this whole bird buisness DOES explain why there seemed to be a bird dropping on one of the boxes in the lock up XD I stared at it and wondered where the hell it had come from LOL

Yeah that was a weird ending to the day and I'm not so upset anymore because of it, screw Marie and her ability to think I'm superwoman...

This incident kinda makes my thoughts turn to our little birdy lodger in our loft XD A little Male sparrow who I named "Brock" this morning XD Only cos in the past sparrows tended to nest in our loft but I haven't seen this little guy with a female yet, he just stands on our guttering chirping away all day XD

So yeah....that was my weird day everyone O_o;
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