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Amecon Ramblings

I'm on a roll~ I did two complete pictures these past few days!


Amecon isn't far away at all now! Just over a week to go!! I've got the time I'm getting there on Thursday all sorted out and Carly should hopefully be picking me up from Leicester station :D Now I just need to clean my room and sort out all the stuff I want to bring with me, pack stuff ect.
Kinda hoping I get my Red DS Lite before I go, so I can transfer a few of my trained and spare shiny Pokémon to Diamond, I'm a little hesitant bringing Pearl in case I lose it, all the Pokémon on my ranch are from Pearl, so I really can't risk losing that game XD;

Looks like I won't be getting helium for my Drifloon, but never mind, it would of been awesome to have him floating, but I can carry him all the same. Funny enough the first one I made is holding up well, he's shrunk but still in tact XD But I'll be making a new one for the convention.

I ALSO need to get a new bag ;o; my con bag from last year won't be fixed in time for the con and well with all the holes it's getting I better not risk it. I was gonna go up to the market this Wednesday (*Since I didn't bother going the last time I said I would*) but I have to wait in for our new washer to be delivered because our old one decided to stop working yesterday :|
If I don't get a new bag, I still have my Pikachu bag, I am very tempted to bring him actually.
I'm gonna make it obvious I'm a Pokémon nut, without even being in cosplay XD
The Pikachu bag doesn't have as much room in it though, but it at least has a compartment I can fit my DS into and one for keys and such. If I bring a sketch pad, it'll have to be a small one.

So for those going to Amecon, look out for the Drifloon balloon on the Friday!! I'll have him with me most of the day!

Oh I should remember to bring some of my Pokéballs too, the ones tonyous gave me for my birthday that shine Pokémon on walls and stuff :D
I'm tempted to take them with me to one of the parties at night and see how well they show up in there.
Gonna bring my master ball, who knows what rare Pokémon I will find there :D Hehehe~

Eee! Yes, I'm excited now! I've been looking forward to Amecon all year X3
Just need to get through another three days at work!!
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