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Pokémons, Work and Kuribohs

I caught me a Dialga earlier :3 Named it TARDIS just like I named my Palkia (*That I traded away for a shiny Riolu*) but it fits Dialga much better!

I asked at work about a Red DS Lite today, turns out that's the ONLY one they've gone out of stock on, hahaha. BUT, the woman who works in the media section said she was expecting more in and made a note to save one for me :D! So hopefully I'll get one next week. All depends when she gets more in really.

Work was kinda sucky today, but mostly because I was working a 7 hour shift on around 2 hours of sleep, it was too warm in my room last night D|

Also 5D's wise... I can't wait for next weeks episode. Ruka has a KURIBOH! A little Kuriboh with a rat tail, making it look like a weird fusion of a Tribble and a Raticate, but I'm so glad 5D's has a Kuriboh X3 It's so cute.

Kurrii~ Kurriii~
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