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Six badges. Charlie, Dusk, April and Flash are all around LV 43 now, just started taking on Team Galactic at Lake Valor.

I think I might get myself a red DS Lite sometime soon, I'll look at the ones we're selling at work anyway, it's just... red DS lite looks so pretty~ And having two DS' would be really handy for trading Pokémon between myself, as I plan to trade over my LV 100 Swellow and Lucario for the E4 in Diamond, I'm only really playing Diamond to finish it and chain the Diamond only Pokémon there :D; Then when I get shinies, I can trade them over to Pearl.

Urgh got a real early start at work tomorrow, plus it's the day we're re-opening... it's gonna be mental ;o; That and a spider just decided to show up in my room, just before I'm supposed to go to bed RAWR I hate that. Luckily my dad got it but...ARGH I hate spiders ;o;

I also still need to clean my room. That'll be done ASAP, next chance I get hopefully... which won't be tomorrow.

Also...it's too warm in my room, sleeping is gonna be a task tonight D|
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