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Diamonds and Pokémons

Hummm, might go into town tomorrow and seek out a new bag for Amecon, my old one won't be fixed before then :< I think the market is on tomorrow... not sure, guess we'll see 8D

Did pretty much nothing but play Diamond yesterday, I currently have three badges and my main team is my Monferno (Charlie), my Luxio (Flash), my Roselia (April) and my Murkrow (Dusk), all of them are around LVs 34-36 I think, I've been training them a bit more than I did my team I had on Pearl, to make sure they're at least at higher levels than the gyms. I also have a Bidoof on my team, a LV 4 female named Biscuit, but she's just being used as my HM Slave right now :<
I plan to capture a Blue Shellos and add that to my team eventually, I'm on the way to Pastoria so I'll catch one on the way.

Nothing much else to report in my life right now.
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