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Okay so, my NEW password now doesn't work and I had to reset it again. This seems like a problem on LJ's end since my e-mail hasn't been changed for anyone to change the password, there's no way to do it other than it being sent to an e-mail account.
If it happens again, I'll have to contact LJ about it and see what they say. Anyone know where it is I would contact them about this if I have to?

I re-started Diamond last night, since my previous game was a train wreak, I was only pissing about on it really. So with my new current team I have Charlie the Chimchar, Flash the Shinx and April the Budew. Currently at the first gym, but I'll have to do some training before I challenge it XD

Also, it's the last day of the store I work at being open until next week. We're closing a week for the last part of the refit, then I have to go in at the weekend to help with moving crap around XD

Doesn't look like I'm gonna get helium for my Drifloon balloon, it seems a lot of places sell "large than I need" canisters already complete with balloons and crap which is like £20-£30.
Hummm, might take a look in the nearest Asda store and maybe go to Meadowhall to look in card shops there.

Urgh, didn't want to get up this morning X__X
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