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Shiny Cleffa!!

Well, this makes up for losing my Wooper chain earlier in the day!

I decided to chain Cleffa in the Trophy garden, only to mug them for Leppa Berries and I actually managed to get my chain to 40, it's been a while since I managed to hit 40 on a chain in that damn garden.
As a result, I now have 6 shiny Cleffa; Mango (*Who I'm keeping*), Blossom, Marrow, Orchid, Pea and Bean.

Yeah, I was thinking of comet_kid's shiny Wooper named Apricot and I ended up naming all my shiny male Cleffa after some kind of fruit or vegetable, and I went with a flower theme for the females. I didn't get many females though, because I had a female Clefable at the head of my party with Cute Charm, I find it a little easier to find the Pokémon of the day in the garden with a cute charmer at the head of my party.

Now if only I could get to 40 on a chain of EEVEE.

...my spare shinies box is getting full, need to find the time to do a trade post XD

*Has: 5 Cleffa, 2 Noctowl, 2 Shinx, 1 Miltank, 3 Magnemite, 1 Machop, 1 Zigzagoon, 2 Bibarel and 2 Voltorb*
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